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    Healthcare Desktop


    In the U.S., some EHR interfaces can have a poor organizational structure and prove to be harder to use for doctors and other providers than necessary.


    Based on user research, I've continuously worked on designing an EHR app that can fit within a larger healthcare ecosystem.


    Research Audit

    Below are just some of the design projects that served as research and inspiration.


    I developed personas that are part of the healthcare ecosystem, including patients, healthcare providers, and IT admins.

    Service Blueprint

    After gathering firsthand data on operations within a family doctor's clinic, I created a service blueprint showing the actions of a patient, the family doctor, and the doctor's staff. Later, I presented this blueprint for further feedback on the operations.

    Customer Journey Map

    Below is one of several customer journey maps. Use case presents Moira, a working mother, who needs to take her son to the pediatrician.

    User Flow

    User flow features the family physician examining and treating a patient.