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    Mobile Gaming CX Design


    In February 2016, I started and led a hackathon team for Hack the Arena, Orlando's first sports hackathon sponsored by the Orlando Magic and the Orlando Solar Bears.


    With my team, we crafted a game prototype and won top prize from the Magic and runner up prize from the Solar Bears.


    After the hackathon, I reiterated the designs to create a more engaging game and to add more depth. Find snippets of the creative process below.

    Visual Design, v3


    Visual Design, v3

    After the hackathon, I continued reiterating the designs to boost the depth and create a more exciting game.

    Brainstorms on the Whiteboard

    I facilitated the discussion to brainstorm solutions with the team. During the session, my team members asked for feedback from the Orlando Magic. Based on the feedback, we refined our solutions.

    Wireframes, v1

    Having decided with the team to design a simple game app, I quickly created the wireframes in OmniGraffle.

    Visual Design, v1

    Soon after I finished the wireframes, I designed the visual design compositions in order for the developers to quickly build the working prototype for the demo.

    Customer Journey Map

    The following shows the journey of the fan attending the Orlando Magic game and playing BREAKAWAY.