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    Ascent Airlines

    Service Design Desktop


    Airline operations require a consistent integration of back office and end consumer facing applications. Gaps between these touchpoints prove frustrating for travelers who need to rebook.


    Based on user research and secondary airline research, Ascent Airlines design explores how airline operations can improve from a service design perspective.

    Visual Design


    Visual Design

    This is one of the mockups I created for the admin portal. Seen here is the customer profile screen, showing the most recent itinerary first. "Call in Progress" remains in the top right for visibility.

    Customer Journey Map

    Below is the customer journey for one of the personas I created. The document maps how the persona traverses through the check-in and flight experiences.

    Service Blueprint

    After finishing the journeys, I created a service blueprint depicting the interrelated experiences of the consumer, frontstage user, and backstage user. The blueprint also points out the opportunities and pain points.


    Below is one of the medium fidelity wireframes created prior to the visual design phase. I create wireframes in interaction order to understand the interactions from the micro and macro levels.